Hi Friends! Smile

Happy Wednesday! This is really my Friday as I brace for a busy, long weekend.

But before I get to all that. I’ve been feeling a little blah about Coffee With Sabrina lately so this morning I took charge and did some revamping!

The main difference you will see is with the tabs up towards the top. New tabs and links! You can click directly on link from the menu bar or click on a link from the drop down bar. It should streamline my posts for all of you, and me! Explore, leave suggestions, and enjoy!

Speaking of new, did you see my post yesterday? About brainstorming new content? Feedback would be most appreciated!

Ok, so this weekend. Busy and long. I took off Thursday – Sunday from. Tomorrow Alex and I are going to Orlando to pick up my niece and nephew (ages 9 and 11) because my brother is taking his wife on a surprise anniversary trip to Chicago. The kids will be with me for 4 days. Alex and I have been busy planning out every minute.

Also happening this weekend, on Friday my mom is having surgery for her Breast Cancer. They got her scheduled for surgery sooner than expected. It wasn’t ideal to have it done while my niece and nephew are here, but it’s what needs to be done. This is why Alex and I have every minute planned out – to keep my mom’s stress level down and to keep the kids from worrying about her. Luckily my dad is here and my other brother lives 20 minutes away. All will be well.

If you could keep my mom in your thoughts this weekend that would be super!

I should be back on Monday! Have a fantastic weekend! Sun


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