The Final Countdown

Earlier this year, on April 10th, I registered for the biggest race of my life. With all his love and support, Alex registered too.

Nearly five months has passed since that exciting day and I sit here just two weeks from race day.

I feel ill-prepared.
I feel scared.
I feel sluggish.
I feel tired.
I feel like a disappointment.

I didn’t do right for myself through the summer months. Training slacked off and so did my eating.

I didn’t do right by Alex, either. I didn’t set good examples or give him the tools he needed to be successful as running and fitness newbie.

Having the right mindset is the hardest part. And this has been the story of my entire running journey. It’s been a rollercoaster and, in hind-sight, probably something I wasn’t ready to commit to.

Despite the negativity, I am a firm believer that everyday counts. I (we) have 13 full days until we cross the start line for the longest run of our lives. Every day, every workout, every walk, every run, every ounce of water, and every meal will amount to something.

These last two weeks WILL make a difference. I am lucky enough to have a fairly easy work schedule leading up to race day. I can make the most of my time off: run, rest, and fuel my body properly.

I still have hope,
I still feel some excitement.
I am still looking for future races.
I am happy to have Alex on my side.
I am still determined to finish.

Two weeks until 10 miles! The Final Countdown has begun.


3 thoughts on “The Final Countdown


    You can do this. I know you can. You’ve got this. Your training may not be exactly what you hoped for, but I know that come event day, you will find more fitness than you ever knew you had. I know this because I have experienced this very thing at various events.


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