Saturday Six 8.25.2012

I forgot about this post yesterday, so here it is today with one added! Smile

Currently Celebrating: Yesterday was my dad’s birthday so we hung out until I had to go to work. The day included a late lunch at his favorite Mexican restaurant.











Currently Reading: I never read Girl With The Dragon Tattoo all the way through, so I restarted it with the intention of finishing the series.










Currently Eating: You’ll find summer mixed with fall in my kitchen these days because I am eating a lot of frozen Strawberries and all things Pumpkin. Target (Market Pantry and Archer Farmers) has a full line of Pumpkin in stores now. Pumpkin Spice cereal, coffee, coffee syrup, and coffee creamer. Pumpkin Pie yogurt. Pumpkin Spice trail mix. Pumpkin pancake and waffle mix. My little heart skips a beat every time I walk through the grocery section!










Current Happiness: Alex and I bought season passes to Walt Disney World. We finally wised up and saw the errors of our way by not having one.
disney welcome







Current Wish: I’ve got all the fall like food, but now I want the fall like weather too! Unfortunately that probably won’t happen until November or so. In the mean time it’s hot, rainy, and a chance of a Tropical Storm.











Currently Pinning: I haven’t been pinning too much lately, but when I do it’s almost always a seasonal (fall) treat. What? I am desperately craving the crispness of Fall!


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