86 Days and Comments Wanted!

It’s getting down to the wire. I am in the nitty gritty. I will be standing at the starting line for the Tower of Terror 10 in just 86 days.

After THIS POST last week I received some the most encouraging comments and tweets from many readers. But I got one very special email from Kate. She linked me up with a Google Calendar that was based on her half marathon training with some tweaks to get me ready for these 10 miles. I was so grateful, I cried. The kindness and support that comes from the blogging community continues to inspire me.

Kate’s calendar and tips uplifted me and gave me new hope for this goal. I showed the calendar to Alex and he said “This race is do-able, babe! We just gotta go get it!” We’ve juggled some days around this week because of our schedules, but so far we have hit every schedule run or cross training day.

While I still have some lingering doubts, most of them include my weight. How will weight effect my training and the race? I will remain confident in my abilities to train and run.

I am doing everything I can to lose weight, but the scale stays the same. Not an ounce different. Frustration is an understatement, but I know I must run on because the race is still going to happen.


Comments Wanted:

In the grand scheme of things I am very much a running newbie. Alex is also a newbie because his sole purpose for running is to support me. This is our first race that is more than a 5K. It’s a big deal and running at Disney adds to hype. In effort to be as successful as possible we are asking for your help! We need your help! If you are reading this, we want your input. Please.

This race starts at 10 pm. It’s 10 miles in length. What are your suggestions (advice and tips) for preparing, fueling, and resting prior to the start, especially since it’s a night race?


7 thoughts on “86 Days and Comments Wanted!

  1. Shelia

    I didn’t realize this race started at 10pm, that’s exciting in and of itself!!! The training calandar looks very do-able!! You can do this!!! Since Florida is so hot when do you run? Early mornings or evenings? Or when ever you can fit it in?

    1. Sabrina Post author

      Its hot all the time. 8am this morning and we were in the 80’s and climbing! We’ve been doing a lot of treadmill runs on inclines. When we can (aren’t exhausted from work/school) we try to do the “long runs” outside after dark.

  2. mrsalexzan

    The one thing I did to help my long runs is pick up a “fanny pack” that holds a water bottle. Having water really helps even tho it’s a little adjustment to carry the bottle. good luck. You can totally do this!

  3. Boysmum2

    Go for it, you will be fine, if you are fit then weight should not hold you back. If you are achieving your training schedule then you are right on target.

  4. Allison @ PickyEatingRD

    Nutrition will be very important that day. I would even have a “mock” race day where you try to eat very similar to how you would pre-race and then go and do one of your training runs. That way you can gauge how you might feel. You also want to make sure you don’t go crazy walking around the parks that day. You don’t want your legs to be completely exhausted come the evening =)


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