Chocolate Poke Cake

This girl loves some chocolate and after yesterday’s blog I realized I haven’t posted any sort of recipe in a while. Today I am changing that! 

When I saw this recipe pop up on my Pinterest, I just had to re-pin. My niece and nephew came for a visit this past weekend so I figured it would be a great opportunity to whip it up.

We made it into our own “chocolate creation” with the ingredients I already had on hand.


  • 1 Box of cake mix (We picked German Chocolate)
  • Ingredients needed to make cake (usually eggs, oil and water but I made some substitutions*)
  • 2 (4 oz.)packages of Instant pudding (We only had chocolate and cookies and cream – so we mixed them together and that’s what we used!)
  • 4 cups milk (I used non-fat because that’s what I drink)


  • Make cake as directed on the box. *I also replaced oil with applesauce and eggs for Egg Beaters egg whites*
  • I used a 12×10 ceramic dish, but a 13×9 will work too. Watch your time depending on the dish (pan) you use.
  • Just before cake is finished begin preparing the pudding as directed on the package.
  • When cake is finished and still warm poke holes throughout the cake, evenly spaced. I used a wooden spoon to do this.


  • Pour pudding mix all over cake and spread out evenly.


  • Let it set in the fridge for an hour or more. It’s delicious when it’s cold!
  • And enjoy! 



I have some calorie counts for you too! To the best of my estimations I did this on MyFitnessPal.

On the top you have the calorie counts for the cake made as directed on the packages. On the bottom is my “skinny” version.

We pre-cut the cake into 20 servings with the pan we used, so your calorie counts may vary.

Also, if you use Sugar Free Jell-O you could cut the calories down a little bit more!

I have a lot of ideas on how to change this up even more.

Happy Pinning and Happy Baking!


6 thoughts on “Chocolate Poke Cake

  1. chrissarahd

    My daughter wold just eat that up!!! Looks yumm but I would have to change it since I am not a fan of chocolate.

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