Tangent Thursday

Hi! It’s been a long time of no writing for me. 

Honestly, I haven’t felt like blogging. 
I haven’t worked out or been to the gym in 6 weeks. 

That is until last night when I jogged 2 miles and then did a 10 minute hill workout. 
I thought I would hate the hills (varying on the treadmill from 1.5 up to 8.0), but I loved it! Reminded me of walking up the mountains in Italy. 

Oh, Alex’s parents joined the gym too! I am really proud of them and it reminded me how important my own fitness is. 

My #RWRunStreak is no more.  

That shouldn’t be a surprise especially considering all I really did for the first week of the streak was walk. 

I have a major issue with staying committed to something I start. Like school, diets,  and workouts. But I am working on that. 

I am fairly consistent with counting calories. I would say about 6/7 days. 

I am loving my job at Target and I am pretty sure they are loving me too. It’s been the best career choice I have made in a really long time. 

I am taking Yoga in the fall for college credit. Most likely it will be on Monday afternoons for 1 hour 40 minutes. 

Quite possibly the most expensive Yoga classes ever? 

I might be the only person who has not read 50 Shades of Gray yet and it probably won’t happen any time soon. 

It must be summer time because we have constant thunderstorms in Central Florida. It makes any commute unbearable. 

Another note about the weather and commuting. Last week on our way home from school Alex was driving, it was a dark and stormy night (no, really — it was after 10pm and there was some seriously bad weather), and we hit an animal while going 70+ mph down the highway. Out of no where. We were both okay, but his car wasn’t so lucky. 

A few days later I had a personal issue come up that is going to cost a pretty penny.

I despise unexpected bills. All the extra money we though we had is now gone. 

Anyone have a money tree that I can come harvest? 😉 

No? Okay. Good thing I started saving some money.  

On a happy note I have been utilizing Instagram a lot. Follow me, if you wish. sabrina_m85 

I got my June Birchbox in the mail yesterday! I can’t wait to share this months goodies with you!

I have to do some major blog clean up and updating. This rainy weather provides the perfect opportunity for that, and a nap! 

That’s all I got for now, but I am in a blogging mood again so I can’t promise there won’t be post overload. 

By the way, this is my 300th post! I think that is rather nifty. 

How are you? What’s new or exciting in your corner of life? 


Free thinking and sharing is encouraged!

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