What Happened to Weeks 10 and 11?

Did you noticed I haven’t posted a workout recap in two weeks? The last one I posted was for Week Nine on April 24th. Yikes! Let’s face it, there is an ugly truth behind my lack of posts.

I have felt zero motivation to log the necessary miles called for by my training plan. Ten miles are a long ways to run by September and I have logged just two miles in the last two weeks.

My eating has been out of control. Whatever I want, when I want, and as much as I want. A bagel with cream cheese every morning? Or a burger from Checkers after a day of mindless snacking?

I’m famous for saying “tomorrow”. Tomorrow I can workout. Tomorrow I can eat better.

It’s a horrible, vicious cycle.

The lack of workouts –> out of control eating –> weight gain (oh yeah, I’ll get to that) –> self-doubt about being able to lose weight or run 10 miles –>  … and the cycle repeats itself.

My last weigh in on Week Nine was 206.4. Today, two weeks later, 215 even.

That is how the ball has bounced for me lately.

I’ve struggled a lot. It’s been emotional and I often feel inadequate for the goals I have set for myself. Since starting this blog and healthiness journey (almost 3 years ago) I have gained nearly 25 pounds. There have been plenty of times that I just want to throw in the towel, especially over the last two weeks.

Last Friday afternoon I took myself to the gym because I am not ready to be defeated yet. Although I was dreading the workout I realized I was craving a workout in the worse way too. Our minds are tricky like that.

I took it slow and steady, like really slow, and jogged two miles at a 17 minute pace.

I even did a short strength session too.

Leg Press: 12 reps @ 60 pounds
12 @ 100 pounds

Arm Extensions: 8 @ 30 pounds
8 @ 20 pounds

Arm Curls: 12 @ 30 pounds ( 2 times)

Overhead Press: 10 @ 30 pounds
10 @ 20 pounds

It felt glorious to sweat. To feel the rush of endorphins. To move my body.  

I’ve got a long ways to go. Now I just have to remember how to get there.


5 thoughts on “What Happened to Weeks 10 and 11?

  1. nancim72

    I can SOOO relate to this post. I finally worked out 3 days over the weekend after not doing it at all for awhile. It’s so easy to just not do it, even though it makes us feel awful. WHY IS THAT?!?! Kudos to you for sharing it on here, that’s why we do this. Right? It helps to keep us accountable. You’ll get back to it, have faith. 🙂

  2. Shelia

    Sometimes the hardest part is just getting to the gym!! Once your there it feels great, sounds like this happened to you!!!!! Great job!!! Next time just tell yourself” I’m only going to do 20 min at the gym today”, I bet the 20 will turn into something longer!!! Keep pushing you can do it!!! 😊

  3. Lynsey

    I’m with ya! I ran last Thursday and wasn’t even supposed to start until Monday so I felt so good. Well, Monday and Tuesday I wasn’t even home long enough to eat so I haven’t ran, and I’ve also eaten out every day since Friday! EVERY MEAL! It’s funny how one day you can be on top of the world and then life gets in the way and things just go downhill one step at a time. Just get back at it. That’s all we can do. Just know that you are not alone!

  4. Bella

    Gosh, I could have written this post, too, for so many reasons. Not to sound cliche, but this post is full of a Never Give Up attitude that will bring you success. I’m the same way – if nothing else, I have perseverance. Now I (and maybe you?) just need to strive for consistency. Because any sort of workout, even a slow and easy one, is better than no workout at all. Same thing for food. We can do this!!


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