One year ago: Blog Bullying!

What is blogging for me? 

It is a creative outlet, a source of friendship and support, a safe haven for struggles and victories. It is my personal journal. 

Exactly one year ago that was violated, ridiculed, and forever changed. 

Honestly, there were some many tearful nights that followed.
I wondered if I would ever blog like this again.
I thought my freedom for honesty and creativity had been robbed from me forever. 

Throwing the insecurities behind me and standing tall along side my friends in this supportive community I was able to regain my voice in the blogging world. I created a new space for myself and I have moved forward. 

I am strong. I am resilient. I am still fighting. And I am not afraid. 
And I am blessed to have Coffee With Sabrina and I don’t care who knows it! 

You can read the emotional post and all the amazing comments: BLOG BULLYING

Bully’s come in all shapes and sizes, from all facets of life, but they should not be tolerated. 

Stand up to bully’s. Empower yourself and support those around you!
Reach out, my email is always open! 


3 thoughts on “One year ago: Blog Bullying!

  1. Bella

    I’m so sorry that you had to go through this, but I’m very happy that you made a new blog and didn’t give up writing. You posts are inspiring, and I’m glad you didn’t let some small-minded bullies stop you from sharing that inspiration with other people.

  2. Boysmum2

    It is wonderful that you are still here a year on and never gave up. I am lucky in that my mum blogs as well so my blog is out there to some of my everyday people. I too know the feeling of bullying, although mine was at work. It was subtle and gentle, nothing anyone would notice too much but enough to make me realise that I really don’t need to work there and I know I am stronger than that. Once you realise that your determination comes through and you survive. Well done you, nice to get to know you

  3. didireallysaythat

    Holy buckets Sabrina! I must have been on Mars last year when that happened. I have to believe those that bully are so sad for themselves that they can’t help but turn it outside to avoid their own feelings. I’m glad you stayed around!


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