Already the Fourth day of the Fifth month

The last two weeks have been jam-packed! I have been on vacation since Sunday, yet this morning was the first morning I got to sleep in. A nap would be much appreciated.

This month is turning out to be action packed! Let’s take a look…

On Monday (technically the last day of April) I had finals for my spring semester! Much to my surprise, I received an A in a class I had expected a B in.

May 2nd (Wednesday) – We had orientation at our new universities, Valencia/UCF.

May 3rd (Yesterday) – Dinner at the Melting Pot with Alex, his parents, his brother, brother’s girlfriend. Alex’s parents are so generous. I’ve never been so it was a really nice treat.

May 4th (TODAY!) – Besides being Star Wars day, we are going to see Avenger’s tonight! I’ve been waiting since last summer for this movie so I am beyond excited!


May 5th – Cinco de Mayo. Yes, I will celebrate with a margarita but we have no formal plans for the rest of the weekend.

May 8th – Summer classes start and we will be commuting to Orlando every Tuesday/Thursday until the end of July.

May 10th – Driving to Tampa immediately after class for tomorrow’s main event.

May 11th – Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, and Thompson Square concert in Tampa with Alex’s cousin, Emily. Emily and I are huge fans of country music. It’s also Alex and I’s 10 month anniversary. Coincidence? I think not!


May 13th – Mother’s Day.

May 14th – Alex’s Birthday

May 18th – Alex’s younger brother, Chris, graduates high school!

For the next week and a half the calendar seems rather clear.


Monday May 28th – Memorial Day and the unofficial start of Summer!


May 30th! – My 27th Birthday!

I must pencil in one last visit to Disney too. Our Florida resident passes will expire soon and I can’t let that happen without getting my fill of Mickey Mouse before all the crowds arrive for summer!

Is the year flying by for you too?
Any fun/exciting/new plans for the month or summer?


Free thinking and sharing is encouraged!

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