Week Nine

I am just slightly behind on this recap, but here it is!


Monday April 16th: OFF

April 17th: 2.04 miles on the Treadmill. 34 minutes. 16:45 pace.
My shins and feet were in an unbearable amount of pain after this run. Thus dictating the rest of my workouts for the week.

April 18th: OFF

April 19th: 2 miles of rollerblading. 20 minutes. 10 minute pace.
This is one workout that I will always love!

April 20th: 3 miles of rollerblading in 31 minutes. 10:20 pace.

April 21st: The 30 Day Shred.
Sometimes it is a necessary evil.

April 22nd: OFF

This week was crucial because I learned that pain doesn’t excuse a workout. I was able to log some cardio miles without putting more strain on my aches and pains. Pain wise, this was a very rough week but I am back in my running shoes for week 10 of training and I already had one successful run!

WEEK TEN GOAL: I want try out some new strength/circuit workouts this week, either in the gym or from a DVD. Any suggestions?


I didn’t take or post any measurements last week. My chart was getting a little too big so I cut it down to show the first week and current week. It’s also easier to see progress. Slow and steady…

week 9

As always you can see my previous weeks HERE, under the Miles to Disney tab at the top of the page.


3 thoughts on “Week Nine

  1. Ali Mc

    I really loved StrongStride by Lisa Watson for DVDs but it is HARD – maybe just do the abs and leg calendar that I’ll be doing this may!!!! and that sucks that your shins were hurting you – good for you for taking a day off 🙂

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