Acceptance Letters and Degree Programs

Things around my blog have been rather sleepy these last few days. With a coffee in hand, I am yawning and thinking about the next time my head will meet my pillow. You know you’ve reached the point of exhaustion when you start falling asleep at 9pm every night. Well, my friends, that is my life as of late.

Work, running, and school leave me with droopy eyelids before I can digest dinner. What’s a girl to do?

Take a vacation? Yeah, I’ve got one of those coming.

Or how about adding to an already hectic schedule by taking on new challenges at a NEW school? Yep! Sounds like a great plan!

Currently Alex and I are enrolled at the local community college. Alex is about to graduate with his Associates of Arts general education degree, but I am not. Long story short: Over the last 10 years I couldn’t chose a major or what I really wanted to do so I took a lot of hodgepodge classes and there was a long period where I didn’t go to school at all. Needless to say I am behind, or maybe timing is everything.

Over the last few months I have been able to really think about where I want to go with my education. Being back in school has really given me that clarity and focus. 

Here we are, at the end of spring term and Alex’s graduation is approaching. That means a new school for him and possibly a new school for me too. And so the search for schools began.

A smaller college in Orlando offers the exact degree that Alex is looking for. They also offer the perfect “pre-major” program for me so that I can finish my prerequisites and Bachelors degree.

Sounds like it was meant to be.

We applied online, sent in the appropriate paperwork, and then waited. I hate waiting.

A week later I got one of these in the mail.



Alex got his letter too. We are now students at Valencia College and are preparing for Summer term classes. I never thought that transferring schools could be so tedious, but it is proving to be quite a task.

Alex’s plan is simple: Culinary Management degree to be a Chef.

Mine is a little more complex: Finish prerequisites at Valencia College for a pre-major in English then I will Direct Connect to UCF for my Bachelors in English – Creative Writing. (Direct Connect is Valencia’s system to move students onto a 4 year degree instead of just a two year.) During my final year of school I would also like to simultaneously obtain a teaching certificate while finishing my Bachelors. Yeah!

I am tired just thinking about all of that. It’s going to be a long two years, but I am thankful I finally know what I want for my future.

Since we don’t live in Orlando we will make the commute every Tuesday and Thursday beginning on May 8th. It’s a little over an hours drive from house to campus. I am already looking at apartments online and narrowing down some choices because moving might just be easier than commuting.

Besides our new classes and commute we are still training for the Tower of Terror 10 so scheduling runs will be imperative to our training. Good thing I have an upcoming vacation! I am going to need my rest!


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