Week Eight

It’s crazy to think that I am done with week eight already. Only 24 more weeks to go! Ek! I am scared!


Monday April 9th: OFF

April 10th: 3.05 miles in 51 minutes on a 0.5 incline. 16: 43 pace.

April 11th: 0.55 mile walk with puppy. 10 minutes.

April 12th: 2.01 miles in 34 minutes with no incline. 16:41 pace. 

April 13th: OFF

April 14th: 1.9 miles outside, at night. 32 minutes. 16:55 pace.
We actually did this at 9pm and we plan to build in more night runs into training so we are prepared for the race which starts at 10pm.

April 15th: Alex and I went paintballing! Not traditional, but it was quite the workout!
Four hours of running, squatting, crawling, dodging, and sweating! I would consider this a cross training day. I am sore all over, especially my arms and shoulders. I even have a few battle wounds! For more info on the sport of paintball you can click HERE.

WEEK NINE GOAL:  Keep pushing on, even if it means working out by my self. 

I am publishing for school so I don’t have measurements or a weigh in for you this week. We’ll just catch up with that next week.



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