Week Seven

Truth: I have a poor me blog all drafted about some recent runs that I almost posted last week. Instead, I am rather excited to be posting about this week. Not necessary because of the quantity of my runs, but because of the QUALITY of my runs.


Monday April 2nd: OFF

April 3rd: 3.1 miles outside (and it was HOT). 50 minutes. 16:03 pace.
One of my friends on
DailyMile left me a comment: Per Runner’s World – “Every five-degree rise in temperature above 60° F can slow your pace up to 20 to 30 seconds per mile”.

April 4th: OFF

April 5th: OFF

April 6th: OFF

April 7th: 2 miles on the Treadmill. 32 minutes. 16:00 minute pace.
(Look for a blog about this run to be posted tonight in the 7pm hour, EST. Makes me so thankful to have a blog where I can capture these moments and then read back on them when I need to.)


This week it’s simple: Get all my training runs in! No excuses.


Let me clarify something. I weigh in every week but I don’t always take my other measurements. So this week it’s not that my measurements stayed the same, but it’s that I did not take them.



As always, you can visit my Miles to Disney training page to catch up on past weeks or find out what plans I am using. Or follow me on DailyMile.


3 thoughts on “Week Seven

  1. Lynsey

    Nice loss! I forgot to measure yesterday so I did it today and even though I had a gain in weight, I lost 1/2 inch in my waist. I measure every week so I can have those little pick me ups when it seems nothing else is going down.

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