My Most Exciting Post EVER!

I am going out on a limb here with that title but it’s really how I feel!

Or maybe it should be titled “A Reason To Register!” No matter the title, I am so excited to share this blog. I have been keeping it bottled up since Saturday, unless of course you follow me on Twitter. 😉 

Lets back up a moment. I never thought this post would come. In fact, if you read my Week Seven post from earlier today then you know that I didn’t get very many runs in last week. Truth is, I was feeling really dumpy about all my running thus far. Since last year I hadn’t been able to run a mile without stopping. It was really getting me down and I began doubting my abilities to ever run more than a 5k. I was on the verge of throwing in the towel. I even wrote an “I give up!” post that is still saved in drafts.

A few days went by and I headed to the gym for an early workout with Alex. I planned to do a jog/walk combo but then something amazing happened… 


My legs and feet were free. I watched the distance climb and the time tick away. Before I knew it I had run more than a mile. Insert a fist pump followed by raising the roof. Then I kept on running. Shortly after 1.25 miles I slowed to a walking pace but at this point there was a permanent smile planted upon my face. With my new found confidence I cranked the speed back up and ran out the last half a mile. 


I considered running more than the 2 miles that my training called for because I felt so amazing but I didn’t want to push my luck. 

This called for a celebration. All my previous running doubts were wiped away. For the first time since setting the goal to run Disney’s Tower of Terror 10 Miler, I was confident that I could achieve my goal. 

Maybe my self doubts and lack of confidence is what kept me from registering for that BIG race. Confidence is a big deal. Confidence makes a lot of things possible. I drove home with my new running conference and did something I have been wanting to do for a really long time. 


YES! Finally! I am smiling just writing about it! 

I feel proud, accomplished, excited, anxious and ready. Well, I’m not ready today but I will be on race day! I feel motivated, determined, and inspired too! Yep, I am still smiling! 

And it gets better… 

As promised, Alex registered for the race too! My BIGGEST supporter and beloved running partner will be sharing every magical mile with me! He believed in me all along, it just took a while for me to believe in myself.

 See me smile! 

So let’s recap… 

I ran a mile + without stopping for the first time in a I.really.don’ of a time. 🙂 

I registered for my first BIG race!

And Alex registered too! 

What’s not to be smiling about?

Now that I’ve gotten it all out of my system it’s time for me to go hit the gym. 3 miles on the plan for tonight and I can’t wait!! 🙂 


20 thoughts on “My Most Exciting Post EVER!

    1. Sabrina Post author

      Yes, my first big race. I’ve only done two 5k’s. I saw that you are registered when I was checking out your blog earlier! 🙂

  1. Lynsey

    You are amazing! Running milestones are so exciting! I printed off the couch to 5k schedule to hang next to my treadmill and I can’t wait to start. I secretly want to try to run a mile the first day but we will see what happens when I jump on the treadmill. Running is something that leaves us rather quick like so I’m sure I will be starting from square 1.

  2. Kat

    Oh, I so love registration days! There’s so much hope, joy and anticipation built up behind it! Wishing you strong legs during your training!

  3. Sarah

    You are proud of me?! I’m proud of YOU!! That is so awesome, Sabrina! And I am so happy that you found someone that is supportive of your weight loss/ exercise goals.. 🙂

  4. chrissarahd

    Congrats!!!!! I can feel your smile in the words of your blog! This is going to be a great journey for you!

  5. Ali Mc

    Thanks is sooooo exciting 🙂 I am so happy for you. and that tower or terror looks too scary for me, but I hope you have a great time doing it 😀

  6. didireallysaythat

    Sbarina! We’re running twins this week. I had my first mile+ on MOnday. It’s such an awesome feeling. Truely a runner’s high. And it opens up a whole new world of possibilities that you can do! Congrats!

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