An Easter Tradition

This is not a religious post and I know not everyone celebrates Easter. In my house we do and there is a long standing Easter tradition.

Since I was a little girl we have gone to a little chocolate shop named Grimaldi Candies. A family owned business specializing in hand made, pure chocolates for over 40 years. What makes them really special is that Mr. Grimaldi (the chocolate man himself) was raised in the same town as my family back in Northern Italy.

As long as I can remember my mom would take us there for special occasions and holidays to pick out our treats. Mr. Grimaldi would take us in the back and let us “sample” the chocolates as he was making them. Melt in your mouth delicious is the only way I know how to describe it.

Now that my brothers and I have grown up our mom doesn’t find it necessary to carry on the traditions we grew to love as kids. But we do. My brothers go there for the kids, I go for my self, and I recently introduced Alex to the magic of Grimaldi Candies.

Every Easter I buy myself a solid (dark) chocolate bunny and some chocolate Easter eggs because I like to keep traditions going. Don’t worry, I might share with the family! Winking smile



I am off to enjoy my Grimaldi chocolate and other Easter Sunday festivities! One bite of chocolate at a time!

Happy Easter, happy Passover, and happy Sunday!


One thought on “An Easter Tradition

  1. Boysmum2

    Traditions are very important part of families, don’t ever stop just because your mum does, keep it going as when she is nolonger here you will all have that connection that will make you smile each easter, remembering past visits and the fun and laughter you had


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