Week Six Recap!


Week six started my new plan from SmartCoach. In comparison to the miles I had been running this week was a bit of a step back.

Monday, March 26th: Rest Day (not that I needed any more after last week, but you know…)

March 27th: 2.06 miles on Treadmill with 0.5 incline. 37 minutes. 17:46 pace.

March 28th: 2.09 miles on Treadmill with 0.5 incline. 37 minutes. 17:48 pace.

March 29th: Rest Day

March 30th: 0.86 mile outside in fresh morning air! 14 minutes. 16:37 pace.

March 31st: Rest Day

April 1st: 30 Day Shred

Other than being tired, I felt really good during my runs this week. Especially getting outside, on my own, and just running to run. It gave me a new found confidence about running outside.



Have three solid runs and incorporate more strength training or the 30 Day Shred.



I am holding steady with my weight but losing some inches.


And if you missed any of my previous training recaps you can find them listed under the Miles to Disney tab at the top of the page. Or by clicking HERE!


4 thoughts on “Week Six Recap!

  1. chrissarahd

    Great job!! Losing those inches are just as important!!! I am thinking about doing one of Jillians videos on my none Zumba days!


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