New Plan

Some of you have tweeted and emailed me about my new running/training plan so I thought I would dedicate a post to it.

I am the kind of girl who needs plan laid out in front of her. What day, how long, how far, and how fast. I need to know the details. With the goal of running 10 miles in 27 weeks (by September 29th) I need something attainable too.

Several weeks ago I was reading though an edition of Runner’s World Magazine when I came across and intriguing ad. I tucked it away in the corner of my brain for future reference. Little did I know the future would come so quick.

Leading up the the Berry Patch 5k Alex and I had trained using the same Hal Higdon beginner 5k plan. It wasn’t until after the race that I realized we could no longer use the same plan because Alex is much faster than I am. So I went back to the magazines looking for the answer, and I found it!

The ad lead me to THIS web site where you plug in your most recent race time and distance. The race you want to train for and it’s date. Along with a few other basic preferences. Hit create plan and just like that you have a customized training plan!


SmartCoach made the perfect plan for Alex and myself. 27 weeks, 3-4 runs per week, all leading us to 10 miles by our goal date. Each week we both run the same number of days and miles, we just run at different speeds. Our tempo runs are a little different and so are our speedwork runs (yes, those are included in the plan too!)

Each week your pace and distance will increase. For me, it averages about 2-4 seconds a week and 1-2 miles per week. For you it may be different just depending on your goal distance and date.

Now, my time at the Berry Patch 5k was not what I had hoped so SmartCoach gave me a starting pace of 18:48, which seems entirely to slow. I made a note on my print outs to start at a 16:48 pace. SmartCoach gave Alex a starting pace of 14:08, which is perfect for him! We have another 5k on the books for early May. I hope to have a better finish at that race, then will re-do my plan and hopefully get a more realistic starting pace.


The only other thing I noticed about this plan is that maintaining the suggested pace is difficult. Today we worked out at the gym and treadmills don’t give an exact pace, only MPH. Our paces were either a little over or a little under the SmartCoach suggestion. It can also be tricky when running outside unless you have the proper technology, or you are just that good!

I am a happy girl with me new training plan! Tower of Terror 10, here I come!


*I am not getting paid for this blog in anyway. Just useful information that I thought I would share! I also think my friend Meredith is using this plan too.*



3 thoughts on “New Plan

  1. Kate

    I love SmartCoach! It’s really funny because I have a blog post written for tomorrow and I talk about SmartCoach’s and Hal Higdon’s plans. So funny to be on the same wavelength!

    I found the best way to be “on pace” was not to worry about pace so much during the run. I just ran what “felt” right, and then analyzed after my run if I was about where I wanted to be, or if I needed to change something (either adding or reducing effort). Your body is going to tell you better how you’re doing than any stopwatch ever could.

    Good luck!

  2. Allison @ PickyEatingRD

    I am exactly the same way when it comes to needing a plan. If I don’t have something written or right in front of my face each day it seemingly disappears! Glad I’m not the only one. Good luck with training!

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