The 5th Week of Nothing

This will be short and sweet!

Want a recap of Week 5’s training?

Well, other than walking the dog I did NO training. That’s right, I said NONE!

After the Berry Patch 5K we realized that we needed separate training plans because Alex is much speedier than I am. So we needed a training compromise to accommodate both of us, without holding each other back.

Despite the lack of workouts, I did have a weigh in this morning.


I like watching the scale move in the right direction.
No workouts + on track eating can still = weight loss!


It was a nice week off, but I am anxious to start running again and hopeful about following the new plans.

I am off, for now, to enjoy my spring break.
Stay tuned because no school + days off work = catch up in blog world!



2 thoughts on “The 5th Week of Nothing

  1. chrissarahd

    I am glad to see you still had a weight loss! Hope you enjoy your spring break. We don’t go on spring break until after Easter. I am so ready though!


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