Training for Disney: Week 4



Monday March, 12th: Rest Day

March 13th: 2.25 miles on Treadmill. 37 minutes. 16:13 pace.

March 14th: Rest Day

March 15th: 2.7 miles on Elliptical. 38 minutes. 14:04 pace.

March 16th: 1.09 miles on Treadmill. .5% incline. 18 minutes. 16:57 pace.

March 17th: Rest Day

March 18th: Berry Patch 5k. 3.1 miles. 49 minutes. 15:50 pace.  (You can find a race recap HERE!)


I can’t believe I am already through 4 weeks of training! This was a big week for me. I feel like I made a lot of progress. More importantly, I can tell I am getting stronger.



More run/walk intervals to build up my distance and stamina.


Oh! You can follow my training on DailyMile, here!.
Alex has also joined the DailyMile club, you can support him HERE!



I am content with today’s numbers only be because I know what is upon me this week.

Eh, I just hate feeling bloated.


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