Berry Patch 5K Recap

Sunday was the Berry Patch 5K to raise money for our local Habitat for Humanity chapter and it was run in part of our local strawberry festival. It was my first 5K in almost a year! It was Alex’s first 5K, ever!

The morning got off to a rough start. We were scheduled to leave my house at 6:45am but I had a mishap with my alarm and never heard it go off. Truth: somehow during the night I had knocked my alarm (cell phone) off my bedside table and onto the floor. For 30 minutes Alex tried calling and texting without any response from me. I finally woke up on my own at about 7:20am. The race was due to start at 8am and we had a 15-20 minute drive to make to the race site.

I didn’t feel prepared.

No time to eat or hydrate. No time to stretch. No time to properly get my mp3 hooked up.

We had just enough time to park and walk to the start line before the horns went off. Alex and I hung together for the first quarter of a mile or so then I let him push on ahead. He is speedier than I am.

 I couldn’t get comfortable with my mp3 player so I just dismantled the whole thing and proceeded to carry it for the duration of the race.

I made it to mile marker 1 in about 14:20. I was ecstatic but then I hit a wall and had to walk.

I eventually picked up steam but the race got congested. The local road was not closed to runners so we were confined to a tiny 5 foot wide sidewalk. Getting around side by side walkers was tricky and frustrating.  The turnaround point was at mile marker 2 so runners heading towards mile 2 were sharing the sidewalk with runners headed away from 2 and towards the finish line.

Race traffic did not make it easy. Neither did the boiling sun through a parking lot from miles 2.25 – 3.1

There are a lot of negative things about this race that I could focus on: being late, runner traffic on tiny sidewalks and other general things I think could have been different or better. As Alex reminded me, I needed to focus on the positives. Like starting and finishing.

In the end Alex finished with an official time of 36:15 then he back tracked to run with me.

I finished with an official time of 49:07 and a 15:49 pace. Although my time was not what I had hoped for, it was a PR (another positive). The time on my last 5K was 52:01 and a 16:45 pace.

I am really proud of Alex. He went from not running at all to totally blowing this 5K out of the water. I am honored to have had him by my side as I ran the last leg of the race, even if I did want to punch him for being so encouraging and cheery. I look forward to a lot more running and race memories with him!!

**It took Alex and I about 20 seconds to cross the start line in the beginning. That accounts for the clock discrepancies.

Alex’s parents were there cheering us on the whole time and his mom is the one who got our wonderful finisher shots. Here are a few others from post-race.


Racers were treated to a post-race pancake breakfast, with strawberries of course!  The pancakes were delicious, and so were the fresh strawberry smoothies! If it could be made with strawberries, this festival had it! After breakfast we decided not to indulge in any of the other treats, but it was tempting!

We headed home for showers and relaxation before heading out to dinner.

We had a post-race dinner celebration at a local place I have never been to and I am ashamed to admit that. We went to Mustard’s Last Stand in Downtown Melbourne for hot dogs (turkey dogs for me) and fries. Everything was so delicious and I am totally bummed that I have never eaten there despite living here my entire life.

I will leave you with pictures from dinner. All pictures today were unedited because I transferred them right to my USB drive and am blogging from school this morning. I’ll be back later with a recap of Week 4 Training for Disney!  And speaking of Disney… to continue our 5K celebrations we are going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom tomorrow (Tuesday)! I can’t wait! 


6 thoughts on “Berry Patch 5K Recap

  1. Lynsey

    You both did wonderful and yes, I agree with Alex, you need to focus on the positive. Look at how many of us weren’t out there running at all!

    You and your Disney trips….so unfair!

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