Me vs. Panera

I ran!! Yesterday I ran the longest run on my training plan thus far! And I drank 100 ounces of water, at least. Yesterday was a good day!

Today Alex and I are catching up on school work form the comforts of Panera.

Okay, so maybe I am on Twitter. That is beside the point!

We arrived around 10am and I ordered an egg and cheese on multigrain bread with a green tea! Perfectly satisfying and quenching!

One problem about studying (tweeting) from Panera is staring at their almighty pastry case for over two hours! Oh the tortures!


Panera is a big problem for me. I lust over their treats and could easily walk away with one of everything. But not today. I have not given in to the yummy baked goods! Although the chocolaty cookies and cinnamon filled scones are certainly making their presence known to me. Order after order, customers are walking away with treats I so desperately want, but I don’t need them. Today I am winning the battle vs. Panera.

Sabrina: 1 and Panera: 0

If I can be successful here, then I can be successful anywhere. Realistically. One day at a time.


9 thoughts on “Me vs. Panera

  1. Lynsey

    I love their cinnamon crunch bagel. All 430 cals or whatever it is. I passed it up the last time my vendor brought one but I wanted it so bad! Good for you staying strong.

  2. LizW

    Nice job on the run!! As someone who isn’t a naturally gifted runner, I understand that it’s really hard when you start out. But I promise… stick with it and you’ll get stronger and learn to enjoy it (at least the benefits of it!!)


  3. Becky

    So proud of you! I’ve never been to Panera(!) but I’ve heard amazing things about it. I would’ve given in after a couple of hours there for sure. Way to show dedication!


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