Week Three



Monday, March 5th: Walked two miles around Disney’s boardwalk and downtown area.

March 6th: 2.09 miles on the Treadmill. 32 minutes. 15:21 pace.

March 7th: 1.5 miles on the Treadmill at a level 1 incline. 24 minutes. 16 minute pace.

March 8th: Rest Day

March 9th: 1.13 miles, outside. 22 minutes. 19:44 pace.
This was supposed to be an outside run. However my legs were tired and heavy. I couldn’t get moving and only managed to run the last .25 mile.

March 10th: Rest Day

March 11th: Volunteered at an event and while it wasn’t a traditional cardio workout, I sure did work up a sweat over the course of a few hours. Up and down two flights of stairs, lifting 40 pound rubber mats, loading them into a trailer, and pushed a broom to sweep gymnasium floor.

Friday’s “run” was a struggle and quite difficult. My weigh in this morning was equally as difficult. Both situations bring up old insecurities and self-doubt. Not exactly how I wanted to begin this week leading up to the Berry Patch 5K on Sunday.

I’ll cover all that in a post immediately following this one.



Two runs about 2.25 miles long, one of which should be outside.
Have the best possible 5K on Sunday. Work on my self-doubt.


After stepping on the scale this morning I didn’t even want to bother with other measurements. 



4 thoughts on “Week Three

  1. Becky


    Don’t get discouraged! I am SO proud of you. Even when your legs weren’t feeling it you still did activity. You’ve set awesome goals for yourself and you will get there. Just keep going.

    1. Sabrina Post author

      Thanks Becky. Although I am still disappointed about it, I am trying to move forward with this new week. Second post to be published tonight.

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