A Need to Reconnect

I woke up this morning. Did my usual get out of bed routine. Stepped on the scale for a mid-week check in and I was not pleased.

Weeks of working out and counting calories.
Sweat, tears, and pain.
Extra veggies, please. And skipping desserts.

Sometimes it is really difficult to be successful at this healthy lifestyle.

I am not upset with the scale. Or with myself. I know I am doing good things, healthy things.
Okay, maybe I am upset with myself because aside from Alex, I feel really alone in my struggles and in my victories.

Maybe it’s because of work, school, relationships, and other projects that have led me to alienate people from my life.

Maybe it’s because I don’t have enough time to balance all aspects of social media, this blog, and my real life. Thus I have lost touch with those who inspire and motivate me the most.

Honestly, I have not intended for this to be the case.  

I miss being actively connected with my favorite people and bloggers. 

Recently I told Alex that I need to make staying connected a priority. Being connected with likeminded individuals fuels our motivation and success.

So, my friends, let’s reconnect. Shall we?

OH – a non-scale victory! Yesterday I ran on an incline for the first time ever. 1.5 miles on a level 1 incline. With a few walking breaks, I finished in 24 minutes and I produced my fastest pace yet at 16:00 flat! Hey, I never said I was speedy!



4 thoughts on “A Need to Reconnect

  1. Becky

    YES–let’s reconnect! Please oh please. I seriously think that being connected to bloggers when I first started was what kept me motivated. I missssss people!

  2. Sarah

    Man. I know it is not supposed to be about The Scale and The Numbers, but well… yeah. And when you put in a ton of work and The Scale does not reflect it, it sucks. Keep on chugging along! Push through and keep at it!

  3. Sarah

    I understand what you mean. I feel I do so much better when I am in blog land but life is just so busy that this takes a back seat. I know you will reconnect in every area of your life that you need to , to succeed!!!


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