Week 2

Incase you missed it, last week I began posting recaps of my previous weeks workouts. Additionally, I will weigh in and take measurements every Monday morning. Each weeks post will be linked under the Miles to Disney tab.


Feb. 27th: 1.93 miles on Treadmill. 31 minutes. 16:17 pace.

Feb 28th: 1.19 miles on Elliptical. 18 minutes. 15:07 pace.
Arm extension – 2x @ 20
Arm curls – 2x @ 20
Rows – 2x @ 30
Pull-down – 2x @ 30
Overhead Press – 2x @ 20
Fly delt – 2x @ 30
Rear delt – 2x @ 30

Feb 29th: 1.77 miles on Treadmill. 29 minutes. 16:17 pace.

March 1st: Rest Day. Alex and I registered for a 5k that will take place on Sunday, March 18th!

March 2nd: OFF

March 3rd: OFF

March 4th: OFF

I had more rest days then I planned, but it’s something I will have to work on together in the coming weeks.

WEEK THREE GOAL: Not so many rest days and reach the 2 mile mark.

And some measurements for you!


What are your training plans for the week? 

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