What What Wednesday



  • What I am Loving: Walt Disney World! Then again, who doesn’t love the happiest place on Earth?



  • What I am Collecting: Disney Pins! I grew up and have spent my entire life just an hour away from Disney. I always noticed these pins at gift shops around the parks, but I never paid much attention to them. Until this past Sunday when we went to EPCOT. Alex and his family have sucked me into the massive Disney pin collecting world!



  • What I am Writing: A lot of blogs about Running. The tides have changed!


  • What’s Opening Today!: MENCHIES! They are finally opening a store in my city, right down the road! We’ll be there immediately after class today! FRO-YO, here I come!! Smile

So, tell me a what, what from your corner of the world!!


4 thoughts on “What What Wednesday

  1. Ali Mc

    What I’m doing – sitting on my butt waiting to find out about my xrays
    what I love right now – chocolate, well always I love that
    what I’m missing – running

    I love disney great pins!

  2. Lynsey

    My oldest daughter spent all of her money on pins at WDW. She has tons. She only traded twice because she got some mystery ones in Downtown Disney and a couple of Cast Memebers had ones she loved. (Hannah Montana was one, I can’t remember the other.) She lost her favorite one, a ballerina Minnie, getting off of Splash Moutain so I need to find her one. Maybe I could send you money and when you are there sometime you could look. 😉 Her Tower of Terror one is fun too. It has Stitch on it. Have fun with the pins, I bet living that close they will become addicting.


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