Comfy Jeans and Taking Measurements

 Today I was walking in between classes and noticed how comfortable my jeans were fitting. They were not sung around my waist or my thighs, in fact they were slightly roomy. My shirt was comfortable and breathable. My clothes were fitting nicely. That’s something I had not felt in a while. To me there is nothing better than a comfortable pair of jeans and a tee shirt!

I am motivated and determined. I am making progress. Things seem to be moving in the right direction.


When I first began on this healthiness journey I took weekly measurements from my neck down to my calves and, of course, my weight too. With a regular workout routine in place, and strength training being incorporated into that routine, I think I need to get back to taking those regular measurements. Not just of my weight, but also the inches I am losing (hope to lose) all over my body! And it’s a great way to keep me accountable too.

I always posted stats on Wednesday, Weigh In Wednesday, but I am toying with the idea of including them in my weekly workout recaps that I just started posting. Everything on one post, week by week, for me to always find easily and quickly. I like that.

The tricky thing with measurements is remember to take them. So we’ll see how this goes.

I should go to class. Ta-ta for now! 🙂


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