Running Gear

I have found myself in a training groove and running has become something I look forward to. I have also begun to lust over certain running related products but as a novice I could really use some your expert input.

Here is my short-and-not-so-inexpensive-wish-list:

  • An HRM that’s easy to use but has all the features to help in my training.
  • Properly fit / re-fitted for new running shoes.
  • Compression sleeves for my legs.
  • Running friendly headphones.
  • No slip head bands.
  • Of course, I can’t wait to go down a size or two so I can buy all new running/workout clothes!

I am actually very curious to find out what some of your favorite running gear is (brands are)!
Clothing, food, reading material, or electronics?!

This post is short and sweet, sorry! But I did published two posts yesterday.
You can read them here and here!


7 thoughts on “Running Gear

  1. sarahf

    Well fitting running shoes are a necessity! I’ve tried a few brands, but recently settled on New Balance. They have good cushioning. suit my feet and, best of all, they’re pink! I also swear by my Nike GPS in Iphone, you don’t need a chip in your shoe (unlike the Ipod version) and it measures pace and distance for your outdoor runs. Buying new running gear always feels good! Hope you find the stuff you want.

  2. Kate

    The shoes and the headbands are best! Just go to a running store and they’ll fit you with a suitable pair… that’s your best bet rather than following brand suggestions.

    As far as the rest of that stuff goes? Not really necessary just yet. I’ve run four half marathons and I still don’t have any compression socks or an HRM.

    Clothing-wise I love Target’s stuff. It’s the same as the Champion brand but cheaper. I also loooooooooooove UnderArmour for when it’s very, very cold out! Buy a good detergent made for sportswear, and air-dry all your gear.

    You might want to consider a water bottle that attaches to your hand or a belt. As far as that goes, don’t buy Nathan products because their bottles leak 😦 I’ve had experiences with that and know several others that have, too. I have a FuelBelt that I love.

    Read “The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your Training” by Dawn Dais. Hilarious!

    As far as food/fuel goes I’m a fan of chews. When you’re getting shoes grab a few different things (gels, chews, gu, whatever) that look appealing and see what works best. Then buy in bulk online to save some major $$. You won’t really need to invest in fuel until you start going for more than 45-ish minutes per run.

    Buy some bodygluide, and maybe buy stock in bodygluide, too 🙂 Prevents chafing. If you neglected the bodygluide and chafe anyway, Eucerin Aquafor does the trick for me for fast healing.

    Have fun 🙂

  3. saroover

    I Love love love my bondi bands to keep my hair back! They really are “no slip, no drip!” I also am in love with my Brooks Adrenaline shoes, but I am a pronator and need the extra arch support. I am on my second pair!

    I don’t fuel or hydrate during a run, mine are not long enough to need it mid way. But when I bike, I just fuel with old fashioned gatorade and eat Kind bars. Keeps me from bonking. Not sure how that would work with running.

    Other than that, I am a mishmash of target clothes and underarmor!!


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