Week One

 Hey there! Did you notice I have a new page tab up at the top? Yeah, I just added it today!

I think the best way for me to track and share my training is to post a recap of the previous week and goals for the current week. I will probably publish these posts on Monday’s.  Monday’s Miles!

Each week will be linked under the Miles to Disney tab at the top of my blog so I will always know right where to find them, and so you can have easy access too!

If you think sweat is beautiful, then you should follow me on Twitter because I’ll be tweeting a lot of post-workout pictures. If you don’t then you can always follow me on DailyMile too. I will try to be very diligent with my tracking over there.

Let’s get down to business, shall we?



Feb 20th: Rest Day

Feb 21st: 1.73 miles on the Treadmill. 32 minutes. 18:29 pace.

Feb 22nd:1.67 miles on the Treadmill. 30 minutes. 17:57 pace.

Feb 23rd: 1.18 miles on the Treadmill. 21 minutes. 17:56 pace.  

Feb 24th: Rest Day

Feb 25th: Rest Day

Feb 26th: 4.05 Miles of leisurely walking around EPCOT.


Weekly totals: 4.58 miles running with average pace of 18:20




Three days of running with at least two runs 1.75 miles or more.


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