Training for Disney!

I’ve talked about running the Tower of Terror 10 mile race here, here, and here.

My training is already in progress and based off this 5k plan. In 8 or 10 weeks, when I have that mastered, I want to move onto this 15k (10 mile) training plan.

Today I wanted to make my training plan public, it’s all scribbled on paper, but I am not really sure how to translate that to the blog.

Put a calendar somewhere on the blog?
Break down my plans by week or month?
Or post my training goals
for the upcoming week?
Weekly recaps?

I just don’t know how to present it to you, the readers, while keeping it useful (and flexible) for me too.

Can I be honest for a moment?

Running seems so complex right now. I find myself constantly thinking about pace, distance, time, and pace again. It’s almost intimidating! All in due time, Sabrina. All in time.


4 thoughts on “Training for Disney!

  1. sarahf

    It’s easy to get intimidated, isn’t it? When I run, I focus on distance, and I only check pace as a secondary point. I’m slow, and I’m OK with that, as long as I finish. Is there a cut off time for finishing the marathon you have entered? Posting your goals for the week and then an update sounds good, it’ll keep you accountable and make inspiring reading. Good luck with it!!

  2. Kaitlin

    dude…. just go run! and have fun! truly, don’t worry about pace right now. like sarahf says, focus on the distance. i don’t even run with a watch, i just go do however many miles i’m supposed to do, then divide that into however long i was gone when i get back to my house. rough, but does the job. =)

    as for how to keep track of it on your blog, maybe do a new tab at the top with your training plan! then you can update in your entries how it is going, and have a separate page for your plan.

  3. Ann @ Twelve In Twelve

    Don’t over-analyze anything. JUST RUN! If your training plan says “3 miles”, then run 3 miles. If it seems too easy, run harder next time. And if it seems like you are DYING, run a little easier next time. Speed, pace, time…. they will all come with time. The most important things are: log the miles, and give your body healthy fuel.


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