Don’t Do What I Did!

I didn’t work out for a week!

Unacceptable, I know! But that all changed last night when I hit the gym for day one of my training plan!

That’s the other thing you don’t do. Don’t procrastinate on your training plan!

After realizing I only had 31 weeks until race day I knew I had to get into action and put together a plan, on paper! I took to the internet and googled Hal Higdon. Using 3 of his training plans, for different distances, I found myself a starting point and jumped into action.

By 9:30pm on Tuesday I was enraged with work frustrations. After clocking out from work Alex and I headed to our gym so I could sweat it out. Let me tell you, that was the best workout in a long time!

Day one called for a 1.5 mile run. I stepped on the treadmill, set the speed to 3mph and started my warm up. Once I reached 5 minutes I upped it to 3.5mph and by 10 minutes I was jogging at a comfortable 4mph pace. I felt strong and wanted to push my distance. In the end I stuck with plan so I don’t over do it.

The point here is that I broke the non-workout streak and made my plans turn into actions. That’s the point of this healthiness journey too, you know? Making our plans turn into actions. Doing, not just saying (or typing).

Don’t do what I did and become action-less in your own plans, future.

I’m wrapping it up here because it’s time for me to head to class! (Side note: I wish I could be a full time student again)

I’ll leave you with a sweaty and sexy picture for last night, then I will be back later to fully outline the training plan I have in mind. And I’ll welcome any suggestions from those runners more experienced than I.

IMAG0401         IMAG0399-1


3 thoughts on “Don’t Do What I Did!

  1. Kat

    I would definitely say that you should just make sure to listen to your body so that you don’t over-train. If you start feeling anything that “sticks around” do some cross training or give it a rest for a few days!

  2. sarahf

    I second Kat, I’ve done a few half marathons and found that, while training is important, so is resting or cross training. Also, I’ve dropped out of a few races recently, which I’m convinced is down to nutrition. Not only on race day but all the time. I’m working on it, and I’ll let you know how I go, but I’m aiming for high protein, low fat and less sugar (it’s the sugar that’s tough, man ,I love my chocolate), and regular meals (I’m a devil for skipping ir grabbing a chocolate bar on the run).

  3. Ali Mc

    I am a big fan of resting and taking a break when your body needs it – HOWEVER sometimes when we first start something a break can lead to stopping completely. So GOOD for you for doing your run. I am also using one of Hal’s plans and I love it – I tweaked it so it works for me but I think my body likes running every other day. It hates back to back runs.


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