Friday Five

  • What I am Reading! Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. An American classic and a slice of history about the burning of books. This week my creative writing teacher recommended it to our class and now I am passing on the recommendation to you! 


  • What I am Painting! My nails! I have suddenly become obsessed with color and painting my nails. Crazy, it only took my 26 years!


  • What I am Pinning! Just a little bit of everything. You can follow me HERE!
    My most recent pin…


  • What I am Busy With! Everything! Seriously, still the same old grind with work, school, and working out. It’s still exhausting but doable when living with this motto…


  • My Most Recent Adventure! Alex got me (us) tickets to go see the Orlando Magic (basketball) play on Wednesday night vs. the Philadelphia 76ers. It was my Valentine’s surprise and while it may be a little unconventional, I LOVED IT!


Happy Friday, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. saroover

    I love that book! I had never read it, but knew it was “one of those books you should read.” Then, when I was substituting an English class a few years back, I gave it a go since the kids were all reading it. LOVED IT! That’s also how I read Old Yellar (also super) and Speak (one of my ALL TIME favorite books).

  2. Kaitlin

    I was just thinking today, if I had had a date for Valentine’s day, or if I should in the future… I think the best present would be to go to a hockey game. Hehe. Glad you had a good V-Day!

  3. Sarah

    Sounds like a great Vday present!!!! If my hubby took me to see bull riding it would be PERFECT!!! lol Love the nail polish colors I am seeing!!!


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