Why Can’t My Water Come In a Bucket Too?

This is a story of the really big soda cups!

Last weekend Alex and I went on a double date with his cousin and cousin’s girlfriend. At the counter Alex and I ordered the “Date Night Combo”. Two medium drinks, two movie tickets, large popcorn and a free candy of choice.

We intended to share the popcorn between the four of us and give them the box of candy. We ended up giving them one of our buckets of soda too. It was HUGE! I am willing to bet that one medium cup was 40oz of liquid, if not more! It would have taken me days to drink one soda!

And again…

Obviously I have not been frequenting any fast food joints as of late…

Last night, on the way home from work, I had a scratchy throat so I asked Alex to stop for a drink. Yep, we stopped at a lovely fast food establishment. I hadn’t had a soda in forever and I wanted a Diet Coke, so I ordered a medium Diet Coke. What I was handed looked like a super sized bucket of Diet Coke. I took a moment to ask if I was given the correct order and I was assured that I had been.

When did a medium beverage become 32oz of liquid? I should have ordered a kiddie drink! I ended up pouring most of it out in my grass at home. What a waste!

Two different scenarios, two different locations. Still one big bucket of soda!

Here is what I don’t understand. Whenever I go to an establishment not serviced by a wait staff (probably in the mall food court: Chick Fila, Panera, Subway… etc.) and ask for a cup of water I get handed a tiny kid’s cup. There is something wrong with this picture. Isn’t water free? Or at least cheaper than sodas?


What is this world coming to? I want kiddie cups for my soda and a bucket for my water!

Lesson learned! But it’s not just the sizes of our sodas. It’s also the size of our portions and almost everything we consume.


3 thoughts on “Why Can’t My Water Come In a Bucket Too?

  1. Café Moka

    The sodas cup sizes in USA are so big!!! I was in NYC a couple years ago and I was scared by the size of the meals at a fast food!
    This is not like that here, well, in Quebec, I’m not sure about other Canadian provinces!

    Happy weekend!

  2. kaitlin

    I SO agree with you on this! Mediums are SO freaking huge nowadays! At least mediums at Starbucks are still the same… It does get annoying having the small water cups. I always try and get them to give me a bigger cup and PROMISE I won’t put soda in it… sometimes it works. =) Have a good Friday, friend!

  3. Sarah

    Sad past is I love my diet soda. Here in Germany you pay more for water then soda & it is nasty. No free refills on anything including water. I have never drank so much soda. The sizes of things in the states does scare me though when I move back.


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