Off Track Eating

My eating has been just that, off the tracks!

I know that I made all the choices by myself, so there should be no reason for a poor me party.

I’ve made some HORRIBLE eating choices. HORRIBLE!! Looking back on my journals and trackers, my intuitive eating not in check. Actually, it’s no where to be found.

I can manage ok when I am alone, but everything I know about being healthy flushes right down the toilet when I am with other people. Using the excuse that the other people are not making healthy choices isn’t valid because they aren’t making MY choices.

For example: Last night we went out to dinner. I saw the light salads and healthy choice section of the menu, but my eyes veered right over to the burgers. I swear it must have been 2000 calories of meat, cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce and potato wedges.

In no way do I feel pressured to make an unhealthy choice. Unfortunately, I have the “just this one time” mentality right now.

This week I have realized that “just this one time” has turned into all the time.

It’s true what the say, ya know. It’s easier when you surround yourself with like minded people. Birds of a feather flock together? This bird feels pretty much alone, with the exception on Alex and my #f2fpack friends. I can’t be with my healthy living friends right now, and I don’t have that base here at home.

People here just don’t seem to care about their healthiness, and that makes it really hard on me.

When I am surrounded by unhealthy people, I make the unhealthy choice almost 100% of the time.

I want to lead by example. I want to make the healthy choice more than just 50 or 60% of the time. I want to be able to make the healthy choice, no matter what situation I am in. I want to feel confident in my ability to do so, in public, with friends, and 100% of the time.

I have the name of a therapist/nutritionist who helped a friend last year. I will be setting an appointment up with her. I am not ashamed in that. I know I need help getting in the right mindset and regaining my focus again. Who knows, maybe she can help me get to the real reasons behind my eating.

I’ve also purchased some great books on intuitive eating for my Nook Color. (Anyone else have a nook and want to be friends so we can share?)

What’s your struggle or weakness with intuitive eating?
How did/do you deal with it?
**After posting I’m not sure if this makes much sense. I just wrote as the thoughts came to me.
It’s raw and pure. 

11 thoughts on “Off Track Eating

  1. Tamara

    Hang in there. Sometimes you are your own worst critic. I’m actually the opposite. I tend to do better with others than on my own. On my own I either make bad choices or don’t eat at all (or very little). That’s my struggle.

  2. Dree

    I know that you can do this! Seeing the nutritionist is a wonderful idea – he/she can give you some great ideas or things to remember when you’re faced with a good choice vs. a not so good choice. Try not to be hard on yourself – you’re facing this head on, which is fantastic.

  3. Lynsey

    I used to be the same way. I always hated goin to Eric’s family parties when there was eating involved because they are all on the bigger side and I feel, if they can eat it, so can I. Ugh. How do you think they got that way? There is food everytime we are at his mom’s house. Like bar food, pizza, or her famous “heart attack” chicken. Yes, we all actually call it that. Never anything healthy. I started bringing my own food. I felt bad at first but this has to be about me and not others anymore.

    Oh, and I have a nook color also but I just got it after Christmas and then I started school so now it “belongs” to my 6 year old (because my 9 year old has her own and it just wasn’t fair you know). I have no books you’d want to lend because I didn’t eve put any on in fear of reading that instead of text books. So, I used my address for mine if you want to know!

  4. Liz

    Sometimes I just channel the anger I feel in NOT having something I want into energy to change my life. It isn’t very easy though. Not one bit(e).

  5. Ali Mc

    I think that you’re being too hard on yourself. You can totally let yourself “cheat” but you’ve gotta treat it carefully. When I was trying to lose weight I’d let myself cheat a bit but then I’d have to stop, b/c I’d just keep at it. I still go through waves like that. I know you’ll probably say, oh but you’re small but I do know what it’s like to have to lose weight. it’s tough. I found that just letting the “accidents” slip by turned out better than focusing on them, thus making me feel bad, and thus making me eat more. You’re awesome the way you are so YOU CAN DO IT 😀 xo

  6. sarahf

    I think a lot of people struggle with this. I do great with healthy meals, but snacking when I’m bored, busy, a bit hungry, I’m avoiding that annoying job….. I’d be interested to know what the nutritionist tells you and whether you thought it was worth it.


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