Resolution: Back to School

Take at least two classes towards my degree per semester.

Let’s look back, shall we? Short story, I promise!

I graduated high school in 2003. Yep, 9 years ago!

Through most of high school and upon entering college my focal point was going to be journalism/TV productions. Due to family reasons I opted to not move to a university (Florida State University), but instead go to the local community college.

I enrolled in classes and was excited for my beginnings. Within a year life started to get chaotic and something had to give. Despite better judgments, school is what I had to give up on. For more than seven years I tried to balance work, school and life. I dabbled with a class here or there, but never made any real progress.

Part of my college hesitation came from my uncertainty of what degree I wanted to pursue.
Part busyness and my new found laziness.

My head is finally buckled on tight. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and life, in the years since graduating high school. So this year I made a resolution promise to my self: I will make a mature effort towards finishing my degree. At least 2 classes a semester, one semester at a time.

I am combining an old love (journalism) with my new hobby (blogging) to achieve a Bachelor’s is in English with emphasis on Creative writing and a minor in Journalism.

If you have been reading here for any length of time you know my writing isn’t brilliant or perfect. I can only promise that it will get better, like me!

To say I am excited about school is an understatement. I am ready to finally finish the dream that started almost a decade ago! We’re never too old to learn!

From my first creative writing class on Monday; I’ll leave you with this:

Some may say that practicing makes us perfect. Although this might not be necessarily true, I think we can all agree that practice makes us better: better runners, better field-goal kickers, better singers, better pianist, better friends, better cooks – even better kissers. Writing is no different: it takes lots of practice. You must write every day to get better at it. As we all know, though, inherent in any kind of practice is a lot of failure, a lot of mistakes, and a lot of false starts. Furthermore, to get better at something, we have got to push ourselves. To get better at anything, we must stretch ourselves, often to the point of pain.


9 thoughts on “Resolution: Back to School

  1. Lynsey

    I graduated in 2000 and did one year towards my “dream” of being a dental hygienest. In that year I also planned my wedding to my high school sweetheart. After a year of generals and extra science I was told to be ready to be married to the program. I sat and thought about wether or not that was truely what I wanted. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I didn’t want to work in people’s mouth period. I think I was doing it more out of habit. I THOUGHT I wanted that so bad and had told everyone so I just went with it. After that I decided to take the next year (after getting married in the summer) off and figure out what I really wanted to be when I grew up. Well, that year turned into many. After my first daughter I decided I wanted to do ultra sounds. The program here was full so I got on a waiting list. My the time my turn was here, 2 years later, I didn’t want to do that any longer. About 2 more years went by and I wanted to be a nurse. I took all these nursing entrance exams and did background check and drug tests only to find I’d wasted the money and I didn’t have the stomach for that. A few more years down the road I decided health care is where I need to be so I started pursuing a degree in Health Info Management. I am now one semester away from getting my certificate in health care coding. If I want to continue on for my associates I’m pretty close due to all my credits from 200-2001 but that’s not what I want at the moment. So, after all that blabbing, what I meant to say is, it may take us awhile to find our nitch but once we do we will do what it takes to get there. Oh, and I have done 2 classes a semester too since I work full time and have 2 very involved children. This semester I was forced to take 3 so I’m stressing!

    1. Sabrina Post author

      Whoa! All that time went by, but at least you know where you want to be. I think this is better than me rushing into something I wasn’t ready for, or want.

  2. Michelledidireallysaythat

    Sabina I took creative writing in college and it’s the minor I had for “fun” along with the stuffy criminal justice and psych classes I took.

    I wrote every day for a quarter (I’m THAT OLD that they still had quarters in college…) and it became a habit. Initally I did stream of consiousness because I had no idea what to write about. Eventually I started writing about a topic or my day or whatever. It got much easier.

    I’ve gone back to making myself write daily (not all my blog entries are published). When I started I had issues again, even though I had been blogging. So I put an app on my phone and started entering ideas to talk about in the app. When I was stuck for something to write about I used one of those random ideas.

    Good luck! I started in in journalism/magazine layout and ended up a probation officer. LOL

  3. Kat

    I think that the idea of committing to one passion forever is extremely overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out what to do/where to go with your schooling. I think English/Journalism/Creative Writing is a great path!

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