New Years Weekend

It’s been a little cold around these parts the last two days. I need to grab a hot cup of coffee before I can really begin. In the mean time, check out the temperature I saw when I got in the car last night.


Considering we spent Christmas in short and a tee shirt, this cold blast is most welcomed! From me, at least.

To ring in the New Year, Alex and I ventured over to Tampa.

We went to the newly redesigned Dali Museum.


It’s a work of art, inside and out!

No camera’s were allowed inside the gallery, but we had some fun taking pictures outside!


That is a wishing tree. Now I forget what kind of tree is actually is, but I digress.

The tree is full of thousands of wishes. Visitors remove their wrist band that was given at admission to the gallery. Write your wish on the back, and tie it to one of the streams hanging from the tree.



New Year’s Eve we met up with my very best friend and went to a hockey game! Alex’s first ever!

Little did we know that Alex was in for an excellent match up! In the end our Tampa Bay Lightning were victorious over the Carolina Hurricanes winning by a score of 5-2!



We arrived back to Alex’s aunts house in time for a small New Year’s gathering. Fire pit and all. I was so exhausted from all the fun that I was falling asleep by 11pm. I woke up with 10 minutes to spare. The ball dropped, I kissed Alex, said happy new year to family and friends, changed into my PJs and was fast asleep by 12:20am. Party animal, I know!

It was nice to get away. We had a fun, non stressful weekend, surrounded by family and friends. I can’t picture saying good bye to 2011 in any other way!



5 thoughts on “New Years Weekend

  1. Becky

    What a great holiday! And 34 degrees in Florida feels SO much colder than 34 degrees in Utah. That humidity can be a killer. Stay warm!

    You and your boy are so cute. I’m so glad you found someone who makes you happy!

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