From Me to You!!

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas, and Happy Holiday!


This picture is from Christmas Eve mass. His aunt took it on her cell phone, but it has quickly become one of my favorites. I don’t have any other Christmas pictures to share. His family doesn’t know about my blog and it might be awkward to have a camera out all the time, especially since I just met half of them!

Anyways, we spent the majority of the weekend with family; his, mine, then his again. It was wonderful in a laid back sort of way. Which was really perfect for our first Christmas.

How was your holiday? Have any fun stories or get any cool gifts?

5 thoughts on “From Me to You!!

  1. Dree

    This is such a sweet picture! I’m glad that your first Christmas went so well. It’s great that you were able to celebrate the holiday with both families.

    As for the blog picture issue – what if you took pictures but said it was just to treasure the moments? As long as you’re not posting pictures of them without their knowledge on your blog, I think that’s okay. Actually, that’s what I do, haha! My bf doesn’t even know I have a blog, which is kind of bad, I guess.

    1. Sabrina Post author

      I am building up to that. We’ve only been together 6 months, and it was the first time meeting some of his family. I didn’t want to appear to be a creeper right off the bat? Come to think of it, they didn’t take any pictures except for group pictures like the one I posted.

  2. Kat

    Our holiday was alarmingly busy and extremely special. I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful one with the people you love (and those you’ve just met!).


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