Is Yoga The Answer?

First I’ve got to tell you… I am exhausted! Life is kicking my butt! Thursday my shift was 6:30am – 3:30pm and Alex worked 3:30pm – 11pm. Since we worked opposite shifts, I was foot lose and fancy free for the evening. What did I do? I got off work, came straight home, and took A TWO HOUR NAP! Sleep does a girl some good!

Back to Yoga. Yoga has been something I have been tempted to try several times but never pursued it for one reason or another. Most of those reasons came from my weight and thinking I was too big. I recall trying a yoga DVD at one point, but I felt so uncomfortable that I turned it off after a few minutes.

Now, after the onset of my back pains, I have been turned to yoga once again. Several people have suggested I look into a basic or beginner yoga activity. After my nap I planted myself on the couch and dug into some research about back pain and yoga. Besides finding several studies in which yoga helped alleviate lower back pain, I found that:

  • Yoga will help lengthen back and core muscles.
  • Yoga can realign the spin and back curve.
  • Yoga can help reduce stress and depression.
  • Yoga can improve posture.
  • Yoga will stretch out hamstrings which play a role in lower back pains. 

Most of those should have been a given, but I always like to do research first.

Is yoga the answer to helping my back pains? Yes. In fact, it may actually do more good than I realize.

I turned my focus to local gyms, trying to find a beginner yoga class. The result: Tuesday, Thursday or Friday mornings at 10 or 11am. And none of those fit into my schedule, regularly. The problem? I am returning to college to finish my bachelors in January. I enrolled in a full course load with classes on Monday and Wednesdays from 10am – 4pm. This required me to change my availability at work and that doesn’t bode well with taking a morning yoga class.

I then got the brilliant idea that I could take a yoga class on campus. Too bad one isn’t offered!

I am finally ready to give yoga a second chance, despite my size insecurities, but I’ve hit a road block. So I am turning to you, my friends. Can you recommend a DVD or something to get me started at home, and perhaps build my yoga confidence?


2 thoughts on “Is Yoga The Answer?

  1. Kat

    I love YogaWorks BodySlim, but if you’re new to the practice, I would check out their Beginners DVD. They’re great at giving modifications, etc.


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