Back Pain and Workouts

Stretching, rolling and heating. Three things I have come to love in recent weeks.

My feet/legs have given me problems since the beginning of summer. I am learning to deal with those pains and treat them if/when necessary with stretching and foam rolling.

Well, I have a new ache. My back!

My mid to upper back, only on the right side. Slightly below my shoulder blade. It started a few weeks ago, and has become a constant pain (pun intended) since then.

I haven’t purchased any new shoes that could be causing pain.

I haven’t added any new crazy workouts.

I don’t sleep any differently, or have a new bed/pillows.

So… I really can’t think of what could be causing such pain. By the end of the work day I am hurting. Even getting a back rub brings extreme discomfort. That area has become super sensitive!

My nightly routine starts with a back rub, then I do about 10 minutes of static stretches, some foam rolling in my legs and lower back, finally I plop onto the couch with my favorite heating pad.

Yoga has been suggested to me a few times. That might be my new thing for the New Year.

Speaking of workouts. I’ve gotten into a little bit of a groove.

Three sweat sessions a week. Two with Jillian, shredding. The other is any random circuit workout, like the 100 Workout, or rollerblading.

Three sweat sessions a week is comfortable for me right now. Once the holiday craze is over at work I hope to get into a 5 day a week groove.

Ever experienced a localized back pain? Suggestions?
Do you have a new workout routine? Or one you would like to being in the new year?

3 thoughts on “Back Pain and Workouts

  1. Kat

    Have you been doing enough core work? I know I definitely feel it in my back when my core strength and the amount of effort I’m putting into my runs doesn’t match up.


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