Friday’s Facts



  • I am down to 198.4! A loss of 4.2 pounds! Moving in the right direction again! YAHOO!

  • I am now in love with Google calendar and! CHECK IT

  • Something unexpected happened at work the other day. Did you read about it?

  • It’s NOT getting cold here in Florida. Yesterday I woke up to temps in the 50’s. By the afternoon it was soaring into the 70’s. This weekend we will reach the low 80’s again! C’MON MAN! 

  • Lately I haven’t been straightening my hair but letting the “natural” wave do it’s thing.

  • I’ve really turned a corner with my blogging and personal writing. I want to get better and be better. So I am thinking about changing my degree path, again. More on this adventure later.

  • I never thought that cleaning out my email inbox’s could be so freeing.

  • I went “window shopping” at Best Buy yesterday for MacBook’s. It was dangerous.

  • Holidays are in full swing which means retailers are open earlier and close later. This doesn’t impress me much.

  • I am officially saving for a trip to Italy in June of 2012 with my brothers. It’s been six years since I have been “home” to see my family. More on this adventure later too.

  • I have been pretty bad about cleaning up my room and putting laundry away. I don’t know this messy person that I have become!

  • I am so excited for the new year to come. Not because it can be a fresh start, but because I am really truly looking forward to what the future holds.
  • I am working on a vulnerable post about love, relationships and being overweight.

  • And as promised I have a series of smoothie recipes to post over the upcoming week.

  • I am pretty sure Alex and I are going to participate in the 12 Dates of Christmas. Michelle posted about it yesterday. Even Oprah talked it up a few years ago too!

  • One last thing, I need good book suggestions. What do ya’ll got for me?!

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Facts

  1. Lynsey

    Way to go on the weight loss! Once you get your head in the game great things happen! I wish I were in Florida! It’s super cold here this morning. With the brutle wind it feels like 5 degrees. Brrr! And it will only get worse, they are talking snow tomorrow. I am excited for the new year also! I can’t wait to follow you on this journey and see how awesome you do in all aspects of life.

  2. Kat

    Cleaning out my gmail box is SO cathartic. Every once in awhile I action a purge and I think to myself that it shouldn’t feel as good as it does! Also, Mint is SUCH a great tool. Love it.


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