Tales From a Fitting Room

Working in retail can sometimes bring the unexpected. Most days it’s nothing to write home about, but every once in a while the unexpected does happen.

And so I bring you…

Tales From a Fitting Room

The crowds from Black Friday have gone home and the big sale had ended. The racks were disorganized, clothes flung everywhere, and the isles were desolate. I was preparing for a long day of clean up.

I was alone with a messy department for what seemed like hours but according to the clock it was only 17 minutes. I cringed at the thought of being buried in woman’s fashion for the next 8 hours. Then Heather walked in and the next hour was gone in a flash.

Heather isn’t a frequent shopper. I guess that is to be expected with two young kids, a full time job, a husband and a life. This morning she was a woman on a mission, and a woman with a tight schedule to follow. I admire that about her.

She needed to find three outfits for three different holiday outings. I pulled all the sparkly and shiny tops, all the figure flattering pants, the cutest skirts, the appropriate cardigans, and the most festive dresses. We hauled it all into a fitting room and so it began. Everything she wore looked amazing on her tall and lean figure, even with the baseball cap that had her blonde hair carefully pulled through.

The hour she was supposed to spend finding her holiday outfits became a heart to heart therapy session. I felt like she was doing me more of a service than I was to her.

She said saw herself in me. Every time she stepped out of the room and in front of our three-way mirror my eyes revealed a glimmer of hope for the woman I wanted to see when I look in the mirror. The woman I wanted to be – lean and fit.

Heather explained that a year ago she hated the thought of shopping and stepping in front of these three-way mirrors. She lacked the confidence every woman should own. A year ago she was a woman who struggled with her weight for far too long after having two children. She told me one day she decided that since the mirror wasn’t going to change for her, she would have to change for the mirror. She would have to be content with the woman looking back. From that day forth she gave it everything she had.

Mirrors don’t discriminate. Mirrors will always give you the most truth picture of yourself.

I’m Starting With The Man In The Mirror
I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways
And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change

Heather asked me to have a conversation, out loud, with the girl in my mirror then challenged me to follow my heart. Next year I want to spin in a sparkly holiday dress while looking into the three-way mirror. I want to see lean, fit and confident starring back at me.

Thanks for shopping today, Heather. My three-way mirrors and I really needed you.


7 thoughts on “Tales From a Fitting Room

  1. Ashleysh22

    wow what a great story! I love the “She told me that one day she decided that since the mirror wasn’t going to change for her, she would have to change for the mirror. ” and the quote you have that follows. How true that is. I have been known to get angry at the mirror, perhaps we all forget sometimes that it isn’t the mirror we are angry at, but ourselves. Anyways – good luck this coming year! I am certain you can do it! I am going to be watching for a picture of you in a glittery dress next winter!

  2. Lynsey

    Love this! “She told me that one day she decided that since the mirror wasn’t going to change for her, she would have to change for the mirror. ”

  3. Kat

    This post really resonates with me, lady. When I look at the girl in the mirror today, I always wonder if the girl who was 60 pounds heavier could have ever possibly believed that this is what life can be like. It is such a long, hard struggle, but at the end of the day, it is absolutely worth it. Just keep on pushing lady. You are capable. You will do this.


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