13 Days of Be Thankful

It’s a good thing I write everything down, or this would be a total failure.

Picking up where I left off

Wednesday November 16th

For days with nothing to do.

Thursday November 17th

For Skype dates with my family in Italy.

Friday November 18th

For pay day!

Saturday November 19th

For girls night out!

Sunday November 20th

For days spent with my best friend & seeing Breaking Dawn part 1.

Monday November 21st

For short work weeks because of the holiday.

Tuesday November 22nd

For nights spent watching TV with my boyfriend.

Wednesday November 23rd

For the time spent preparing Thanksgiving foods with my mom during the day and Thanksgiving desserts with my Boyfriend at night.

Thursday November 24th

My family!

Friday November 25th

For naps after an 11 hour over night Black Friday shift.

Saturday November 26th

For Florida State beating Florida two years in a row! Go Noles! (I sure love college football)

Sunday November 27th

For my puppy. She is always waiting for me when I get home.

Monday November 28th

For a day off after the weekend craziness. I am just thankful I survived Black Friday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend. I’ve enjoyed reading some of your recaps. Through this season I am thankful for all you too, because without you I wouldn’t keep coming back for more and I wouldn’t be pushing myself to become a better me.


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