10 Things Tuesday


  • My regular blogging has slowed way down but not because of a direct correlation to my weight.

  • It’s slowed down because we are fully engulfed in the holiday season and my job owns me for at least 50 hours a week.

  • Protein shakes & smoothies have become my best friend before I go work work. Gets me though a long work stretch without feeling a need to snack or getting tired. Recipes coming soon!

  • Since I am being honest, my weight has been teetering back and forth between the same 4 pounds for two weeks.
  • My trick to drinking at least 65 ounces of water per day is to slice some fresh fruit (and mint) and drop into water bottle.

  • I had the best weekend with my girlfriends. We always laugh until we cry. Full recap coming soon.

  • My weekend also included Butter Beer fro-yo. I felt like I was back at Hogwarts!

  • I hate my Dell computer. It crashes every single day. Every time it crashes, I restart and head to the Mac website. I want a MacBook Pro.

  • I love writing blogs in Windows Live Writer. It sure beats trying to format things in WordPress.

  • I am one of the many employees that has to work on Black Friday. My shift is 11:30 pm Thanksgiving night to 9:30 am Black Friday morning. If you are out shopping: please be kind to those of us working, we are probably lacking a lot of sleep. If you are a fellow retail worker: please know that I feel your pain!


7 thoughts on “10 Things Tuesday

    1. Sabrina Post author

      I’m so jealous. We had them at my high school so I’ve been stalking them for years. I just haven’t made the jump yet, but this Dell is going to push me over the edge real soon!

  1. Sarah

    My goal for weight during the holidays is to maintain. It worked last year & is the only way I think we all will get out alive. I miss my black Friday shopping but I will do it on the internet!! Can’t wait for the recipes. I need something like that to drink!

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