Thanksgiving Plans

I needed a quick topic for our meeting here today so I am participating in Kenlie’s Friend Making Monday!

Topic: Thanksgiving  Plans

In years past I did not have to work on Black Friday so our Thanksgiving plans have always went something like this:

I meet with my parents by 9am in the morning, together we drive to my older (but younger of the two) brothers house and pick him up. My mom moves to the back seat so my brother can do the driving. I read (or journal) from the back while my dad and brother talk sports in the front. Every once in a while I will add my two cents, and so will my mother.

Just over an hour after later we arrive and my older (oldest) brothers house. We are greeted outside by my niece and nephew, and my sister in law. We make our way to the kitchen to find our Thanksgiving chef hard at work. My sister in laws parents arrive shortly after and the party has just begun. We watch the Macy’s parade, check out the sales ads, and play board games. Finally, dinner is served!

We normally sit outside on the deck because it’s been in the high 70’s every year here in Florida. Sometimes we even do some swimming! We count our blessings for the year and enjoy the feast before us. The next part is family tradition: old family stories and bantering among siblings. It’s the best part, really, but the moms always leave the table. They don’t know what they are missing out on!

Dinner is followed up with lots of wine, dessert, and football watching. Once the night comes to a close everyone packs up to go home. My parents take my nice and nephew back home with them for the weekend, while my sister in law and I strategize our shopping plans.  Black Friday shopping is serious business, you know!

Early to bed and early to rise! By 4am we are off with our shopping lists and the first stop is always Starbucks!

This year, however, things will look a little different. I have to work on Black Friday, actually I have to be at work by 11:30pm on Thanksgiving night.

This year we will be hitting the road a little earlier. This year our Thanksgiving dinner will be more like Thanksgiving lunch. This year we will come home much sooner and I will be sleeping during the drive back. This year I will go to bed when we arrive home. This year our Thanksgiving plans will feel rushed. This year I won’t be out shopping on Friday. This year I’ll be selling on Black Friday.

What are your Thanksgiving Plans?
What is the average temperature on Thanksgiving where you live?

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5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Plans

  1. Carina

    Bet you’ll still have a lovely day, and may even laugh when you’re at work watching those crazy shoppers (even knowing you were one of them last year!). Came by from FMM.

  2. Sarah

    My dad has always worked nights so our dinner was always a lunch but Black Friday is the day I live for. Even being in Germany I am at the computer to go over ads with my mom Thursday night & Friday she is shopping, hand in phone!!!

  3. Bella

    Stopping here from FMM. I’m sorry that you have to work on Black Friday, but I’m sure the day will fly by for you.

    Your family sounds like so much fun. I hope you enjoy you Thanksgiving!


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