Work: I Need More From My Job

Although I left the doors of work over 5 hours ago, its still on my mind.

Actually, all that’s on my mind is how unhappy I am about my job. While I am at work I count the hours until quitting time. While not at work I savor each minute away from there. I’ve even gone as far as taking a sick day when I wasn’t really sick.

Lackluster: lacking in vitality, force, or conviction; uninspired.
Yes. That describes it.

I am certain the root of my problem starts with the fact that I don’t LOVE my job. I like what I do, but just selling clothes isn’t enough for me. The creativity stops when I finishing putting together an outfit for a customer. It’s just not fulfilling and I go home at the end of the day feeling empty.

I have felt different in past jobs. I have felt like I was really doing a service to others, or, at the very least, like I was growing as a person. Now, I just feel stuck. I hate to say this but, it’s a depressing feeling. I want more. I need more. I want to be inspired and inspire others.

Of course, some of my co-workers don’t help the situation either. When they have been there as long as I have been alive (Read: 26 years), they aren’t exactly open to change. It’s frustrating and often times I feel like I am their mom always cleaning up after them. I’ve tried to resist the need to fix their messes but I am such an organized perfectionist when it comes to work that I can’t turn a blind eye. Frustrating.

So if you don’t like something, if you aren’t happy, if you need more in your life – change it! Right?

I am working on that. I have some applications out and an updated resume in the works. I might be asking for too much here but ideally I want something that’s fun, entertaining, creative and that leaves me wanting more.

Good thing I still have my blog!

You’ve already had two posts today. The first I wrote last night and scheduled for early this morning. The second I wrote after my morning workout and it posted a short while later.

Two things could be happening here.

  1. You are bored with my posts and I am annoying you. Or…
  2. You are loving my posts and the frequency of my blogging.

I truly hope it’s the latter because here is where I feel like I am really doing something for myself. But I also hope that I am doing something for someone else too.


5 thoughts on “Work: I Need More From My Job

  1. Michelle @ Michelle Does Germany

    I totally understand how you feel girl. Completely.

    You are so right in that if you are unhappy in something, it’s up to YOU to CHANGE it. No one else is going to come around and change things for you.

    I’m actually really unhappy as well with work and interviewed for a position on Saturday, was told I am being recommended for hire, and my references were checked yesterday. I am crossing my fingers. It looks so promising and I’m just waiting to gush about it on my blog but until I know for certain, I’m keeping it (relatively) hush hush

  2. Sarah

    I understand how you feel about your job. Last year I would lay in bed in the morning hoping for a headache or something so that I would not have to go. This year I love my job. It is much nicer to want to go to work! Fingers crossed that you find something new or something changes for you!

  3. kristisn

    I really hope your work changes for you. You got to like what you do… if you don’t it’s going to leave you hating every work day. *fingers crossed* someone calls you about the applications you have out.

  4. MB

    I’m having a tough time too. I just started a new job in Sept. and already feel stressed and miserable. I keep thinking about changing my line of work but not sure what to do. I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up. You would think I would have figured it out by now. I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.


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