Just Another Weekend: 4th Ed

Saturday was crazy busy. Sunday was nice and quite.

I woke up with the sun on Saturday morning and got a quick workout in that ended with a walk around the pond with Chloe. Then it was time to crank out my to-do list, all before 2pm. Saturday afternoon I was helping my mom host an Italian lunch for some of her friends.

We made Eggplant Parmesan, Polenta Pasticciata, and Lasagna with Béchamel sauce. It was a lot of work and thankfully my mom had done most of the cooking on Friday. Alex came over to help keep me sane while hanging out with all of my mother’s friends, but also to enjoy the feast.


Cheesy and saucy. Not exactly diet friendly so I kept my portions to a minimum.

Mom’s friends were not too excited about me taking pictures, so I had to put the camera away after just a few shots. Party poopers! I took Alex and the husbands into the other room so we could watch football while the other ladies continued to chat.

Once the party was over Alex and I cleaned up then headed to the annual fall fair at my home church. It’s always nice to go back to a place that meant so much to my childhood, especially when I get to see old friends! We rode the rides and mingled, but there was no fair food for this girl! Especially after the cheese consumption at lunch!



Sunday was a completely different day.

I slept in, enjoyed chicken and hummus for lunch, blogging, and making food (calorie) plans for the week. In other words, I spent almost all day relaxing while watching endless amounts of football.

Randomness: This weekend I also learned that I am really horrible at painting my own nails. I must have missed the day at school when we learned to color inside the lines!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting to report?

Free thinking and sharing is encouraged!

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