100 Workout


100 workout

This workout caught my eye a few weeks ago on Pinterest.
I pinned it, and forgot about it for a while.

Early last week I gave it a whirl. Well, more like it gave me a whirl! I struggled a bit a lot.

Truth: I had to look up some of the exercises to make sure I knew the proper techniques.

This morning I needed something quick to get me going before heading into work. I gave the 100 Workout another try, and I am pleased to say that I successfully completed each circuit. However, it might have been the hardest workout I’ve done lately. Or, probably, I am just that out of shape and my muscles aren’t used to this anymore. Once your muscles warmed (burning) and you’re sweating, the 10 minute run at the end pushes the workout to the next level.

Tip: Have some water handy!

It’s quick and efficient. I didn’t wear a HRM so I do not know how many calories I burned. It took me just short of 30 minutes to complete, and no DVD was necessary! Once I get myself back into a regular morning workout routine, this could become my easy go-to workout. I have some other morning workouts I want to try (via Pinterest), so I’ll hold off on making this my “official” go-to workout.

Time for this blogger to take a hot shower and get some coffee!

When do you workout? Morning, afternoon, or night?
Do you have a regular, go-to, workout?

2 thoughts on “100 Workout

  1. Kat

    I’ve seen that one around the internet and was wondering if anyone had actually tried it out. I’m still on the fence about whether or not it’s calling my name.


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