Silk Milk

You know the saying, “Don’t knock it till you try it”?

I am guilty!

You see, I have been in love with a certain kind of milk FOREVER! Publix Greenwise Low Fat Organic Milk.  (Publix is a huge supermarket chain in the south.)

Last night, after I Called In Sick, I went to pick up a carton, along with a few other items, and they were all OUT! *sighs*

I almost left without getting any milk, but I am one of those people who has a cup every morning and every night. So I went back and got another brand. A brand I have been knocking for a very long time. It was on sale 2 for $5 so that helped sway my decision.


Ya know something? I really liked it! Besides the health benefits, it was actually tasty. It will take some time for me to adjust to the tasting since I am used to something different. But I foresee myself buying this again and again. I am glad I branched out a little. My taste palate is ever changing!

Don’t knock it till you try it!

What are some foods you haven’t tried because you are so used to something else?
Did you try something you never thought you would? How was it?


3 thoughts on “Silk Milk

  1. saroover

    Blech. I tried silk and almond milk… to me, no matter how cold they are, they taste like warm milk. But I know a lot of people like it. There is not really anything I don’t give a chance. I LOVE eating new things and have retried things a couple time (including not-milks haha) to make absolutely sure I do not like them. I even tried haggas because it was served somewhere I went to eat. It was ok, a bit bland. Heh.


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