Working It Out

I’ve sat down to write this post at least four times now. Each time I have gotten distracted. This time I come armed with a hot cup of coffee and Lady Antebellum Radio on Pandora. Fifth times a charm!


This journey is not an easy one. So each day I look for something to inspire me to make healthy choices.

Friday morning the inspiration came from the nice weather that I was so thankful for.

The weekends inspiration came from several friends, and bloggers I follow, that ran either a half or full marathons this weekend. I was jealous but completely inspired. My older cousin (wife, mother of two, and breast cancer survivor) ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half in Savannah on Saturday morning. Her average pace was about 9 minutes and she finished with a new PR of 1:58:50. By Sunday afternoon I was struck with race fever. (Side note: If you are a new reader you should know that I have had race fever before, but was benched with shin splints and stress fractures.)

On a more regular basis my inspiration comes from a few simple things that I have pinned on Pinterest.


Working It Out

Since last week Alex and I have talked a bunch about living a healthier, more active lifestyle. All I kept talking about this weekend was my race fever and desires to run (waddle) another 5k before the year is up. Then, hopefully, a half marathon sometime next year. Alex wants to do a 5k with me, or at least keep me accountable and help me follow through. He told me to make a plan, find a 5k, and then we will take it one day at a time.

I know I want my plan to include more than just running though. I want strength too. My plan will have two things: The 30 Day Shred and C25K. The 30 Day Shred because during my last round of shredding I gained strength and toned up, while losing some inches. The C25K because it is just such a great tool.

I have already found a fun run I want to do. Bayfront 5″K9″ Run/Walk. It’s just about 4 weeks away, on December 4th. Since it’s dog friendly I will have to decide if I want to register with Chloe. If I register with Chloe, I will only be limited to walking because her joints can’t take so much running anymore. Decisions, decisions. Either way, it can’t hurt to run or walk a 5k on a Sunday morning.

I’ll let Chloe decide.



4 thoughts on “Working It Out

  1. Lynsey

    I’m listening to my Lady A station on Pandora right now. Too funny! Good luck with both the strength and running. I’d say register the dog. 4 weeks is kinda soon to be running a whole 5K anyway.

  2. saroover

    Hooray! It’s always good to have a plan! Feels a lot better when you put one together. I say walk the 5k with the pup. I would if there was a race around here and I had a dog. Not sure my cat would do so well…

  3. kristisn

    We are so alike! I just wrote a post today about starting my exercising again.. and what am I starting with the 30 Day Shred and the C25k. Today I realized how outta shape I allowed myself to get.


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