Be Thankful – Weekend Edition

It’s November, and I work in retail. That means crazy hours and not a lot of time for myself. This weekend has been no exception. I got a friendly comment reminder from Kris that I owe you three Be Thankful posts.  Luckily, I was counting my blessing and planning this post all along!

Be Thankful – Friday, November 4th

Thankful for finally having some perfect weather that wasn’t hot and humid. I was up before the sunrise and everything was just right for a quick 2 mile loop around the neighborhood! The air was cool and crisp. I was filled with energy and wanted to run.


Be Thankful – Saturday, November 5th

New work shoes! My feet have been KILLING me!  I have literally worn out my old work shoes. No cushion and no support left in those oldies. Saturday morning I rushed right to the shoe department and made an investment! My feet are thanking me too.


Be Thankful – Sunday, November 6th

It’s been a long week, so this morning I was BEYOND thankful for the extra time on the clock! Oh what an extra hour can do!


What have you been thankful for this weekend?


6 thoughts on “Be Thankful – Weekend Edition

  1. krisgetshealthy

    Yay!! I am thankful for a post from you!! 🙂 I enjoy seeing what others are thankful for. It helps me look for other sources of joy and thankfulness in my life.
    That extra hour… I worked it… Begrudgingly… However I am thankful to have a job in this economy. So thanks chickie.


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