How The Rest of The Night Played Out

Yesterday was very overwhelming. Stepping on the scale was a reality check. Writing that blog was humbling, emotional, and necessary.

I went to bed praying that my life would forever be changed by the number on the scale. Last night was a moment in time that I can look back on and say “that’s when it changed”.

I don’t want to live like this. I know how to live a healthy life. I certainly have the tools and support available at my disposal. Really, there is no excuse.

Last night was the perfect blend of truth, friends, support and relationships.

After calming down I realized that if this is as bad as it gets, then I am going to be ok. I can still succeed. Last night I was too angry too see anything clearly. But it took seeing that number on the scale to see the reality of my current lifestyle.

It was almost 9pm EST and that meant it was time for #fitblog. (If you have never joined, I highly suggest you pencil it onto your schedule sometime.) Last nights topic was about loving/dating a fit blogger. It must have also been a night of timing and fate because as soon as I saw our #fitblog topic I know my night was far from over.

In an hours time we discussed: balancing all aspects of life, healthy/active dates, and how important it is to be in a relationship with someone that also values a fit lifestyle.

Right about 10pm, as the chat was winding down, my boyfriend checked in with me via text. You know, the typical “what are you doing?”  text. Given our open and honest relationship I told him about #fitblog. He asked questions and we engaged in a very real conversation surrounding the same topics I had just discussed in the chat.

Without placing blame or pointing fingers, I explained how the last few months have changed me. Sure, we eat out some A LOT. I suppose eating out is part of the “new relationship physique”, but we have gone beyond that. I could have made better choices, but I chose not to. I also went through my “funk” and I didn’t really care.

I am a real lucky gal. You know what happened next?

He suggested we get more active and eat healthier AS A COUPLE!!

Whew! That felt like a million pounds lifted off my shoulders.

The afternoon and evening may not have been the happiest, but the night sure did end on a positive note. I got some wonderful comments, tweets and had a few much needed chats with old friends!

Which leads me to my Be Thankful for today….

My super supportive boyfriend, combined with my loyal and supportive readers, everyone from #f2fpack, and everyone at #fitblog. Ya’ll have truly given me something to be thankful for today!

Chloe is thankful for ya’ll too!


6 thoughts on “How The Rest of The Night Played Out

  1. Lynsey

    I’m so jealous of those who can get their partner to start living healthier too. My husband is a great guy in all aspects of life except this one. He won’t run or even go for walks or bike rides with me or as a family. He never eats the same thing I do…ever. I always get the , “I’m not the one who wants to lose weight” speech. So frustrating.

    I get how it is when you find someone you are completely comfortable around. I gianed quite a bit of weight when Eric and I started dating and even more after we were married. The eating out in the beginning was one thing but just letting go and being comfortable with someone no matter how you look or act is another. Good for you putting a stop to it now!

  2. Real Fit Mom

    I missed #fitblog last night. 😦 But I’m very happy for you that you’re going to become healthier and more active as a couple. I’m on my own because my Hubby is a bean pole. You can do this!!!!

  3. Ann

    #LOVE this. So happy for you. Having a partner is one of the best ways to stay committed and accountable – because you are helping eachother!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!

  4. krisgetshealthy

    I am glad that the boy is supportive of the changes that you need to make to be happy in your life. It is so difficult to try and make changes in your life and have someone else that is important to you that is not embracing the same changes.

    I make it to fitblog once in a while, sadly it is at a bad time for me, just after one of my workout classes… and right before my weekly trivia night. So I often only make it for part of #fitblog. It really is a great community though!


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